Special exercises to make at home: just 4 weeks before the total transformation!


We offer you an easy yet comprehensive workout program, which will allow transforming your body in just a month. All exercises can be carried out right at home. You only need to have a will to set the Thames on fire and about 10 minutes of free time per day.

1. Front Plank

How to perform: this static exercise is carried out in the front leaning rest position. In fact, it’s a plank on your elbows. Don’t forget to keep your back straight, and don’t bend your legs.

Advantage: the plank is a highly efficient exercise that affects the muscles of all groups. This exercise is highly recommended for those willing to improve their posture and make their abdominal zone more sculptured.

2. Push-ups

How to perform: straighten your arms and take the plank position. Move your body down to the floor, while keeping the back straight. Don’t bend your knees. Return to the initial position and repeat several times.

Advantage: push-ups are used to strengthen the back, the chest, and the arms.

3. Exercises for the back and thighs

How to perform: from all fours move your right leg to the back, and the left arm to the front. Bend the body, slowly trying to touch your knee with the elbow. Repeat the exercise for the opposite arm and leg.

Advantage: these exercises are useful for thighs and the entire core. They also involve the back and buttocks.

4. Proper Squats

How to perform: put your arms in front of you and legs shoulder-width apart. Start moving backward, like if you are trying to sit on a chair. Keep your back straight. Return to the initial position and repeat the squat.

Advantage: this exercise is the best option to improve muscles of your legs and buttocks.

5. How to reinforce your abdomen and waist

How to perform: lie on the back, put your arms above your head and bend your knees. Rise upward trying to touch your toes with your fingers. Repeat several times.

Advantage: improves the abdominal muscles, reduces the waist size.

6. Resilient Buttocks

How to perform: look up, and put your hands and legs on the floor. Move one leg up, putting the body on the floor. Repeat for the second leg.

Advantage: This exercise is highly efficient for the hamstring, the abdomen, and the waist.

7. Strengthen the back

How to perform: lie on the floor with your face down, bend your arms and put your head on them. Raise your body upward and try to keep it at the highest point for a couple of seconds.

Advantage: this exercise has to be carried out on a regular basis in order to strengthen the lumborum.

Repeat these amazing exercises for a month.