Fasting therapy

Fasting therapy

Frank Lloyd Wright is a famous architect who was born in the XIX century. He always tried to do and eat whatever he wanted, but he had the following life motto: “In order to lose your weight, you need to avoid just three things – Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!”

No doubt that such radical actions won’t bring you anything good, but the benefits of the fasting therapy is obvious when it’s used in a proper manner. Numerous medical centers and resorts use it on a permanent basis. First of all, the fasting therapy is used to remove toxins and wastes from the body, as well as the extreme weight loss method.

Fasting therapy

“” will tell you about the “velvet” fasting therapy of Ziganshin, which is considered as one of the most comfortable and convenient methods because the nutrition is not limited to water.

Proper way of fasting

Deposits of salt, wastes, and toxins in our body affect the overall state of your health. You start suffering from pains, lack of motivation, insomnia and excessive weight. Various junk creates deposits of fat and slime, but it’s not really hard to get rid of it, and you need only motivation.

The best helper, in this case, is dried apricot. Yes, the benefits of dried apricot are numerous and confirmed: it contains cellulose, A and B vitamins, copper, iron, and manganese. What a great bunch of useful nutritive elements, which have to be in your daily nutrition. That’s why the fasting therapy of Alfred Ziganshin includes this amazing dried fruit.

  • 1st day

You have to drink apricot water throughout the day, adding more boiled water to the same amount of dried apricots. Take a handful of apricots and add boiled water. Wait until it becomes cold, and start drinking once in a while. Add more boiled water. The first portion will be bittersweet. The second one will have the apricot smell, while the third one will have the smell of the apricot bone.

Throughout the day you can drink only water (avoid mineral one), eat one spoon of the seaweed and a piece of garlic, thoroughly chewing each of them. By doing so you will be able to get required nutrition. You need to drink not less than 2 liters of water.

  • 2nd day

Keep the same schedule, but add one orange, which can be eaten at once or divided into several parts.

  • 3rd and 4th day

Only water. You need to drink about 3 liters of water.

  • From 5th to 14th day

Return to the schedule of the first day, and follow with the first, second, third and fourth days’ schedule. You can eat a teaspoon of honey if you feel cachexy.

  • From 15th to 21st day

This period is the same as the second day of the program. You don’t need to worry! We are going to tell you how to prepare your body for the normal nutrition! Closer to the 20th day of the program you need to add various boiled vegetables and porridges to your diet. Never return to your previous diet immediately, because your body will suffer from serious shock.

Try to follow proper nutrition even after the end of the diet, i.e. avoid sweet and salty products, because they may keep additional water in your body.

The dried apricot fasting therapy will reduce the overall load on your body, allowing it to use already available resources. At the very same time, your body will get rid of all wastes. You will definitely lose excessive kilograms and restore the health of your body if you chose this method. This diet is not recommended for people suffering from diabetes.

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