Only 5 minutes per day to get flat abdomen and straight back

Only 5 minutes per day to get flat abdomen and straight back

These exercises will help to lose annoying excessive centimeters on your waist at one stroke and to get a flat abdomen! If you have any problems with your back, you need to consult your physician before starting any changes. If your spine is healthy, you need to spend just 5 minutes per day in order to get astonishing results incredibly fast!

Only 5 minutes per day to get flat abdomen and straight back

Many people having a sedentary lifestyle suffer from various spine problems. But the majority of people never think about making the most basic exercises, which can strengthen the back muscles and make your abdomen flat.

Only 5 minutes per day to get flat abdomen and straight back

This simple set of exercises was developed in Japan just a couple of years ago. This simple yet efficient method was found in a book that was sold all around the world.

You will need just five minutes per day in order to make these exercises. They will straighten your back and make your waistline slim and attractive.

We recommend trying this amazing method in order to solve your spine problems and make your waist more fit and attractive.

  1. Take a towel, and make a bolster with a thickness of around 10 cm. You can fix the bolster with a thread in order to make it more solid.

2. Sit on the solid surface (the floor is the best one) and put the bolster behind your back.

  1. Lie on the back; put the bolster right under your waist.

4. Expand your legs, and put the feet together. Put two big toes together. The distance between your heels has to be around 20 cm.

  1. Move your straight arms behind the head. Palms have to be directed to the floor, while little fingers are connected together. Try not to bend your elbows. Don’t forget that little fingers and big toes have to be connected with each other.

6. Keep this pose for 5 minutes.

By doing this exercise on a regular basis you will notice that your back became more straight. You will see how excessive centimeters fade away from your waistline, and your spine supporting muscles will become stronger.

However, it’s not really easy to make these exercises. This pose is incredibly uncomfortable, thus you need to be really careful while standing up from the floor.

In the beginning, you won’t be able to keep this pose even for a couple of minutes, but never say die. Make a small step each time, eventually reaching the desired amount of 5 minutes. In just a month of regular training, you will significantly improve your health!

This exercise is the best choice to get a flat abdomen for people who are not used to heavy workouts. Try to spend just 5 minutes per day for your health, and enjoy your new and attractive posture!

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