Lemon Diet – The diet without severe restrictions

Lemon Diet
Lemon Diet

In an effort to lose weight, we sometimes do not listen to the voice of reason, literally torturing his body rigid restrictions. Meanwhile, you can lose weight without such serious casualties and can help in this simple but very effective lemon diet.

Briefly about the benefits of the lemon diet

Lemons, containing a large quantity of acid, contribute to the splitting of fats in the body. In addition, lemon juice improves digestion, speeds up metabolism, and even for some time dulls the hunger. Contained in the lemon peel pectin, stabilizes blood sugar levels, while vitamin C is abundant presence in the fruit, markedly improves the immune system.


This diet is good because it does not carry with it severe restrictions on the diet – except for just two days unloading is possible to practically everything, avoiding only fatty and starchy foods.

The lemon diet begins with a drunk on an empty stomach a glass of water, which added the juice of one lemon. This is – a classic recipe for the drink, which is consumed throughout the diet, increasing the number of devices with each subsequent day exactly one (up to 7-day). That is, the first day you need to drink one glass of beverage, in the second – two, and so on

On the seventh day should completely refuse to eat and drink only water with honey and lemon (for a three-liter water jar – 3 of lemon and a tablespoon of honey).

On the eighth day, you can eat in the usual way, and drink water with lemon, starting with 6 cups and reducing the number of receptions drink in reverse order. On the fourteenth day of discharge should be repeated.

Specific recommendations

  • Before starting the diet you should consult your doctor – some diseases do not allow the use of acidic beverages
  • The drink of water with lemon juice to drink on an empty stomach – in this case, strengthens digestion (note – for its preparation should only use warm water)
  • In addition to the beverage you can drink more and good quality dry wine (1-2 glasses) – it will reinforce the effect
  • During the diet you should eat as many vegetables and fruits – vegetables should be cooked by steaming or stewing, and salads can be refilled with lemon juice and vegetable oil
  • After the use of acidic beverages (better to drink it through a straw) to rinse the mouth to avoid the destruction of the enamel


Within two weeks of this diet, you can lose 4-5 kg of extra weight. This result can be beaten if given to an active physical exercise. Well, for our part we wish you rapid and sustained results!

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