21-day British diet helps you to lose 10–18 kilogram

British diet

This 21-day British diet is really popular because it’s incredibly efficient. It allows losing 10 – 18 kilograms. Furthermore, this diet is pretty easy to deal with and doesn’t require a lot of financial expenses.


The idea of the British diet is to alternate the protein and the vegetable day. This option is more convalescent for the body in comparison with single product diets where people have to eat only similar products.

British diet is one of the most reliable and trusted because it lasts for 21 days, which is enough to change the working mode of your body, adapting it to the new level of calorie intake.

British diet

Contrary to the popular “Give your dinner to the enemy” principle, the highest number of calories are contained in dinners, while the breakfast is the lightest one. So if you really like to eat at night, then this diet is definitely for you! Don’t forget that the last time for your dinner is 7 PM.

This flexible diet is the best choice for people who don’t really like strict rules and limits, as well as for those who prefer following a long-term plan. It’s not recommended to keep the British diet as your basic nutrition plan, because it has no salt, and will make your body stressed. We kindly advise you to use this diet not often than once per year.


You need to observe the following rules:

  1. Avoid bread and flour products, sweets, sugar, alcohol drinks, salt, as well as fried and smoked products.
  2. You can eat any vegetables except potatoes; any fruits except bananas, grapes and figs; any greenery, and oat, buckwheat, and rice porridges without sugar, salt, or butter.
  3. You need to drink not less than 1.5 – 2 liter of water daily.
  4. The last meal should be taken not later than at 7 PM.
  5. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner have to be eaten at the same time throughout the diet.

British Diet offers three menu options. The first two days are milk days. After that, you need to follow with two meat and 2 fruit and vegetable days. The last day is milk day again.

  1. Milk days
    Breakfast — a glass of milk and a piece of brown bread.
    Lunch — a glass of milk.
    Nooning — a glass of milk and a piece of brown bread.
    Dinner — a glass of milk.
    Before going to sleep — a glass of tomato juice.


    1. Meat days
      Breakfast — a cup of black coffee or a glass of milk, a piece of brown bread with butter, and 1 teaspoon of honey.
      Lunch — a bowl of meat bouillon, boiled meat (100 grams of beef or turkey), a leaf of salad and 2 tablespoons of canned peas.
      Nooning — a cup of tea or a glass of milk.
      Dinner — two boiled eggs and 50 grams of cheese; you can drink a glass of buttermilk and eat a piece of brown bread.

21-day British diet

  1. Vegetable days
    Breakfast — apples, and oranges (2 ) or 1 grapefruit.
    Lunch — a bowl of vegetable soup with asparagus, broccoli, and cauliflower, a piece of brown bread, a vegetable salad or pepper stuffed with vegetables, or a vegetable ragout (200 grams).
    Nooning — fruits (except those excluded from the diet), a glass of buttermilk.
    Dinner — a salad of red beet and carrot (150 grams) with lemon juice and oil, a piece of brown bread, and a cup of tea with a teaspoon of honey.

21-day British diet

One of the best advantages of the British diet is the high efficiency confirmed with numerous reviews from happy people. Unlike many other single product diets, the British diet will not cause so-called psychological hunger, because it offers a variety of food and products.


Like all other diets with limited calorie intake, the British diet can’t provide your body with the full set of required vitamins and minerals. It’s recommended to take a polyvitaminic complex during the diet.

In order to keep the weight after the end of the diet, you need to return to normal nutrition very slowly, eventually increasing the daily intake of calories. It’s recommended to eat 200 grams of cottage cheese on a daily basis in 10 days after the diet.

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